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Behavior Support Services

Our Behavior Specialists work closely with clients, their fam lives, program staff, and other health care providers to assess and identify socially significant behaviors in need of strengthening (i.e. social skills, adaptive skills) or requiring reduction Community Based Support.

Individual Support

Based Supports are delivered one-on-one with a participant and may include but are not limited to: assistance with community-based activities and assistance to, as well as training and supervision of, individuals as they learn and perform the various tasks that are included in basic self-care, social skills, and activities of daily I living.

Respite Care

Respite may be provided in the participant's home, a DHS licensed group home, or another community- based setting approved by DHS. Some settings, such as a hotel, may be approved by the State for use when options using other settings have been exhausted. Transportation Service offered in order to enable participants to gain access to services, activities and resources, as specified by the Service Plan. This service is offered in addition to medical transportation required under 42 CFR §431 .53 and transportation services under the State Plan,

Support Services Include

Local Transportation

Financial Management

Health Management

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At NLG NJ, quality care is what matters. We provide care for your loved ones when you cannot. We believe that quality care equals healthy living, peace of mind and independence. Our group homes offer residence the best


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